What are the top three travel destinations at Chiang Khan?

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Top three travel locations at Chiang Khan, Loei in Thailand

Chiang Khan is an old city that has stayed distinct for almost a century. Chiang Khan is one of the districts which is a popular attraction for both Thai and international tourists in Loei province due to its distinctiveness combined with the modern style. If you travel to Chiang Khan, you will be touched by the good environment around the Mekong River and allow you to live a slow life. There are many accommodations close to the Mekong River. I would recommend the top three travel locations at Mekong River.

1.      Chiang Khan walking street

It is a night market that opens around 17:00 and closes at 22:00. It is located on Chai Khong Road and close to the Mekong River. There are a variety of items  such as food, clothes, accessories, gift shops, and others. Moreover there are shops selling local food, local products, and various souvenirs along the way. I highly recommend you to visit this place because both sides of the road are lined with 100-year old wooden houses that are hard to find.

2.      Phu Thok

Phu Thok is a well-known sea mist sight among tourists. It appears to be a high mountain near the Mekong River. The Chiang Khan communications station is located on top of the mountain, and there is a great view over the Chiang Khan District from there. Furthermore, from the Phu Thok viewpoint, one can clearly see the grandeur of the Mekong River, Sanakham City, and Kaeng Khut Khu. However, depending on the weather conditions each day, the sea mist may see a lot or none at all. I strongly advise you to visit during the winter season, which runs from November through January.

3.      Skywalk Chiang Karn

Chiang Khan’s new landmark that you should not miss. Skywalk Chiang Khan, also known as Skywalk Phu Khong Ngeo, is a relatively new tourist attraction in Chiang Khan. This is a 30-story-high skywalk structure  The highlight is a 100-meter-long transparent glass walkway, which is both scary and exciting . It is a beautiful view near Big Buddha Phu Khong Ngeo, a center of prayer for the Chiang Khan locals. It is also a magnificent vantage point from the side of the Mekong River. It is a region where two rivers, the Hue River and the Mekong River, flow together , as well as the Thai-Laos boundary. It is open from 7 AM to 6 PM

These are the top three vacation destinations in Chiang Karn that you should not miss. These three locations will make you fall in love with Chiang Karn even more. However, you should not miss to purchase travel insurance Thailand from Rabbit Care before visiting these places to make your trip more safe. If you are injured in an accident or lose your personal documents while traveling in Chiang Khan, you will be covered by the insurance.

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