Music As Medicine: Can Music Help Our Emotional Healing?



As a child Do you remember hearing your favorite song play on the radio in your car or feeling the mood soaring? Have you ever noticed yourself singing along to songs in a bar or in a restaurant? Have you ever considered the night you went out and experienced warm memories of a tune that you heard? Are there any songs that evoked your college or high school time? These are the everyday reminders of the incredible connection between music, memories and moods. Song Search

In essence, we are wired to react emotionalally to musical sounds. It’s been a an integral part of our human nature for millennia. New research is now shedding some light on the links between music and brain’s chemistry. This wiring goes far beyond the possibilities we had in the past. Music can alter the mood of your brain similar to that pharmaceuticals do. It’s similar to having your own specific medication, but it’s on the iPod instead of prescription. The best part is that you’ll enjoy all the benefits of mood enhancement without any of the drug-related side effects!

The Music Still Plays Down Deep

Music can light up the darkest parts of our brains and triggers memories and emotions that are buried that can be experienced as either positive or negative. The old wounds are brought up to the surface to be taken care of. On the flip side on the other hand, we are able to also tap into our youthful vitality and enthusiasm. Music serves as a direct link to our subconscious and the immense emotional resources that are stored there.

Listening to music, the memories we have of the music may trigger memories and emotions from our childhood. It is possible to imagine our own younger or less vulnerable state. This could give an opportunity to show the compassion and authority of our adult self. It may allow us to heal the subconscious programming that underlies our automatic reactions to the world. Music is a powerful instrument for healing and recovering the past.

It is also possible to use music to reconnect the high-voltage wire of our fundamental desire to live. Do you remember the bursting enthusiasm you experienced as a child? It manifested as excitement and enthusiasm, as well as playfulness, passion and affection. You can relive this basic idea by watching young children play. What did they do what happened to that? Many of us have felt the stress, loss as well as the disappointments and compromises that come with adulthood have been heavy over our heart. Our hearts have often been encased and protected, and our enthusiasm and vitality for living have been drowned out.

Tapping the Springs of Renewal

One of the most amazing gifts of music is its ability to locate and tap into the deep wells of our vitality. It penetrates those layers that make up our psychological armor as well as taps our vital life force. When once it was desert, there’s now the lush greenery of living! Regeneration of the mind is an natural result of regular practice of listening or playing music. The act of meditating by listening to music can help you get closer to achieving your goals.

Music is the most profound form of healing when we are most engaged and engaged with it. The ability to get lost in music is contingent on various factors that include our previous associations with music, our familiarity, musical preferences and mood at the time. The trick is to find music that can put you in “the zone.” It’s up to you to decide what works for you!

Your Own Personalized Healing Prescription

It’s not a secret that music is powerful in influencing moods. There are music pieces or songs in our history that continue to impact us in powerful positive ways. They could be the inspiration for a daily practice which can make a significant change in the way we feel. Regular practice helps to create new pathways in our neural system and help us regain our emotional health.