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If you are shipping cargo that requires a temperature controlled environment, chances are you may be interested in refrigerated cargo shipping. A refrigerated shipping container enables you to safely transport your perishable goods to your international destination. This type of shipping is used to keep your items free from the evaporation and respiration that occurs during transportation.

While refrigerated shipping may seem like 중국배대지 an added and unnecessary expense, it could be the difference between your goods arrive healthy and safe vs. damaged or unusable.

When it comes to cargo that needs a specific temperature, food items are often the most obvious, but there are actually many other products that may also require refrigerated shipping included certain types of medical supplies and materials.

With added technology and advancements in refrigerated shipping. many improvements have been made with international cargo shipping for refrigerated items. Refrigerated cargo containers are designed to maintain proper airflow and humidity levels. There are also containers that feature a freezing option for certain goods.

Shipping Overseas? 7 Facts About Refrigerated Cargo Shipping

If you are exporting or importing goods overseas, or moving abroad, and are considering packing your materials in a refrigerated shipping container, here are seven facts you should know.

1. Available Sizes: Generally, shipping companies that offer refrigerated containers offer two sizes: 20 and 40 feet containers. These are perfect for your small and large items looking for cooler temperatures. The larger option is ideal for furniture and large household items as well.

2. Accommodation: Shipping containers are equipped to provide personalized cool temperatures based on your goods and needs. Although this service may seem broad and unspecific, refrigerated shipping is based off of the specific requirements for your individual products.

3. Protecting High Value: These cool containers are ideal for your home goods like paintings, furniture and medicines. Some products become damaged because of the inadequate temperatures found inside regular cargo shipping containers.

4. Extending Life: This style of transportation gives your products a longer shelf life while reducing waste. This is ideal for those who are looking to reduce waste as much as possible.