If you were to think of it, we are surrounded by the works of various contemporary artists. Studio KHORA is on a mission to express a new vision for contemporary houses with its sculptural geometric forms and playful layouts that continually provoke, challenge, and inspire.

From modernists, architectural form should follow function. Then contemporary architects such as I. M. Pei stated that “function should follow form, because it is easier to design the interior layout when the exterior of the building has already a beautiful form”.  Studio KHORA is now questioning: should architectural form follows contemporary art? Would this question solve the problem of the missing link to elevate Contemporary Architecture to the next level, merging of architecture, art, sculpture, and philosophy to invite a dialog and collaboration with contemporary artists?


Contemporary architecture is often characterized by its technology-enabled design of gravity-defying twisted buildings with a WOW factor – Such as Sluishuis by BIG & BARCODE ARCHITECTS. But even in its most sculptural form, contemporary architecture still running in parallel to contemporary art.

Contemporary art refers to art about today, created by living artists rather than a style or genre. It encompasses everything from paintings and photography to sculpture and design.

The Modern Art movement is defined by the period from 1880 to 1970. Modern artists explored dreams, symbolism, abstraction, and personal iconography in their artwork. For example, the abstract impressionist, Jackson Pollock, introduced a unique concept of painting without touching a brush to canvas.

Artist Jackson Pollock dribbling sand on painting while working in his studio

Photo by Martha Holmes

[ Just imagine if architects could lead a revolution in the contemporary art movement, as did Jackson Pollock.  Studio KHORA believes if that were to occur, contemporary architecture would immediately change for the better. ] Penna


Miami architects [ Studio KHORA ]has its genesis from Rex Nichols Architects, a Top 50 Coastal Architectural firm in the United States for the past six consecutive years by Ocean Home Magazine.  Our primary focus is to provide[ CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURAL  &  INTERIOR DESIGN ] for luxury waterfront homes in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, New York, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Cape Cod, Bahamas, and Dubai.

Previously known as Rex Nichols Architects, founded in 1985, RNA achieved world-wide recognition and 11 American Institute of Architects awards.

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