Fast Refunds and Online Filing of Personal Income Tax Returns

Online filing your personal tax is a great way to save time and money. Online filing is simple and fast. The best part about online filing is that you can get your refunds as soon as possible.

Steps toward getting ready for taxes for 2021:

Learn more about 2020 taxes. Find out how Covid-19 benefits can affect your taxes.

Be aware of important dates. May 2, 2022 is the deadline to file personal income taxes. If you are self employed, your deadline for filing is June 15, 2022.

Keep your income (T4, T4A etc.) and expenses data Income tax calculator handy. For more information on tax and deduction, see our page Tax and Deduction to learn about which expenses are eligible and where you may be able to claim tax credits. Home Office expenses deductions can be claimed by those who are working remotely.

Check out the available options for filing taxes online or offline.

Don’t pay taxes until May 2, 20,22, if you owe. Refunds can be claimed promptly.

Your taxes will be filed. Make sure you review your Notice Of Assessment. It will contain information about your refunds.

Quick and convenient online filing

The internet has replaced many chores due to Covid restrictions. Online filing of personal income tax is a convenient way to make the process transparent and easy. It is easy to file income tax online, with a free application that does all of the heavy lifting. The best part is that you can receive a transparent online quote.

We adapt our services to the changing times. 10 years ago was the first time we were awarded NETFILE Certification with CRA. Our FastnEasyTaxApp has renewed our commitment for the community. The App can be downloaded for free on your Android and iPhone. The simple-to-use income calculator allows you to input your income as well as expenses. It returns a detailed tax refund summary. A fast, secure, and simple App allows you to file your income tax in just minutes. In just 8 days you can receive your income taxes refund, straight to your bank accounts.

Our app is available for both English and French. It does not require multiple permissions to be installed on your phone. For those whose income is less $20,000 per month, they can file their return for free.

The powerful Income Calculator

Depending upon your provincial of residence in Canada you can find out your income tax rate for 2021 by using the free income-tax calculator. Revenue Quebec certifies the App along with the NETFILE certificate with CRA. The calculator is available in two versions, one for refund calculations and the other for income tax calculations. The basic version provides a quick estimate and does not ask for personal data. Get your Marginal Tax estimate figures by selecting your province of residence, net income, RRSP and RRSP contributions for 2020. It also includes information on your eligible RRSP rebate estimates. The RRSP contribution limitation for 2020 already appears on your 2019 CRA Notice of assessment. To calculate RRSP credit, we use your marginal rates.

The enhanced version allows for you to calculate your personal income tax for 2021. Simple fields make it easier to enter tax credits, deductions, and children into the online tool. The online service is integrated with Revenue Canada NETFILE. There is so many information to be found about your T4 earnings, RRSPs or donations, income from investments, income from medical expenses, family deductions, tax deductibles, etc.

Steps towards using the free income tax calculation

FastnEasyTax App Available in App Store, Play Store Search for “eFile Canadian T Tax Return.”

Register by pressing the “Start Now!” button

Choose the “Auto-Fill My Return”, option for easy tax filing.

The Autofill feature of the App and CRA connects securely with my account service. Your details are pulled up automatically by the app

Auto-Fill offers a fast and secure way for you to file your taxes. It saves time, too. You can avoid making errors by entering your data manually.

Canada Tax Returns Changes for 2021

The year 2021 changed so many things. Your taxes should not be overlooked. FastnEasyTax apps will inform you of any changes in Federal or Provincial taxes. These changes are helpful when you file your taxes through the NETFILE compatible service.

According to CRA’s website, nearly 90% Canadians filed their taxes online for tax year 2019. 42.7% of individuals also filed their tax returns online for the period March 22, 2021 to March 22, 2021.

Unless you have a complicated tax situation you can do your tax filing online. Online tax filing doesn’t mean you miss out on any tax credits and deductions.

NETFILE is an online tax filing service that the CRA supports for people who want to file their personal income taxes online. Individuals are able to send their tax returns directly online to CRA. All that is required to send your tax returns online is a service that complies NETFILE requirements.

FastnEasyTax complies for the 2021 tax years with the NETFILE certification requirements. You will receive prompt customer assistance. You can get active support via FAQs or Social channels as well email. Also, self-help video guides can be accessed.

We aim to make complicated tax returns filing as simple and painless as possible. We do not use financial jargon. Instead, we make filing your tax returns online simple.