Best Websites to Read the Bible

Looking for a website where you can read the Bible? Read on for some of the best Bible reading sites online. From Glo Bible to AllAboutGod and eBible, there’s one for every Bible-reading style and budget. These sites are designed for Bible study and are a great way to expand your knowledge of God’s word. You can also read commentaries, watch videos and articles from renowned scholars.

Glo Bible

As a computer bible software, Glo Bible offers many features that make reading and studying the Word of God more exciting and informative. Its interactive features include the original Greek and Hebrew texts, with full NIV and KJV Bibles included. The app also has British spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You can also view the locations of events, as well as the contexts of those events. For instance, if you’re interested in the life of Jesus, you can see where his disciples lived at that time. The Timeline application makes viewing the Bible chronologically easier and provides a broader context of the events that happened.

Using a mobile Bible app can also be convenient. The Android version of Glo Bible includes both the Old and New Testaments, which can be read in either English or Brazilian Portuguese. It offers a clean interface with many features and options to make reading the Bible as simple as possible. Moreover, it includes reading plans, notes, bookmarks, audio and video resources, and Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary. This makes it a valuable tool for people of all backgrounds and ages.

AllAboutGod is another website that offers a great way to read the Bible. You can read the Bible in multiple languages, as well as play fun games. The website also offers articles and commentaries from leading Bible scholars. It is a great place to get acquainted with God’s Word, even if you’re not religious. If you’re a child or a teenager, you can learn about God’s story from the perspective of Abraham.

AllAboutGod has many tools for Bible reading, including a free dictionary, sermon preparation guides, and personal Bible reading schedulers. Its easy-to-use Concordance tool, for example, has become a favorite among users. It shows all places that a word appears in the Bible. AllAboutGod has clear tutorial videos to help you get started with reading the Bible.

AllAboutGod also offers several Bible translations and has helpful lettered annotations for easy reading. It also has a Word Study Tool that you can use to study a Bible passage in more detail. It also offers commentaries from leading Bible scholars as well as translations into lesser-known languages. Ultimately, AllAboutGod is one of the best websites to read the Bible.


If you are looking for an excellent website to read the Bible, you may have considered visiting BibleHub. This site is packed with useful resources. It has a library of Christian works, weights and measures, and a timeline of events from the Bible. If you are a Christian, you can also find the Bible in Hebrew or Greek. If you are a non-Christian, BibleHub is still a great choice for you.

The Bible Hub is a free service that includes various features for comparing the different versions of the Bible. It has many cross-references, parallel texts, treasury of scripts, and commentaries. You can even access the Bible in various languages free of cost. Bible Hub promotes the gospel of Christ through its many tools. In addition to allowing readers to read the Bible in any language, Bible Hub also provides sermons and topical studies. The interface of Bible Hub is simple and easy to use.

Another great feature of BibleHub is the availability of over 2400 Bible translations in more than 1600 languages. This website also offers audio Bibles. It allows you to bookmark and highlight favorite passages and view the context of the passage. You can even create your own Verse Image or attach public notes to a Bible passage. biblehub is among the best websites to read the Bible


If you’re looking for a free online Bible reader, then you’ve probably already tried eBible. This website has a variety of features, such as audio Bibles and over two thousand different Bible versions. It also allows you to highlight your favorite verses and bookmark them for easy reference. In addition, you can create and save Verse Images, take notes tied to verses, and even create public notes related to a certain Bible passage.

eBible claims to have Bibles in more than 140 languages and study materials. It has links to over twenty translations and includes the NIV. This site also has over 300 books and scholarly works. Most translations are available for download. This site is free and offline, and it supports many different languages. It is among the best websites to read the Bible. But it’s important to remember that it’s only a small fraction of websites out there.

eBible is free, and it offers all of the features of a premium Bible reader. It also offers tools to help you study the Bible, including Bible commentaries and sermon preparation tools. It also has personal Bible reading schedules that you can set. Moreover, the site has a convenient Concordance tool, which shows where a certain word is used in the Bible. There are also clear tutorial videos, which help you navigate through the Bible.

NET Bible

NET Bible is among the best websites to study the Bible, thanks to its transparent and accurate translation. The translation team includes first-class evangelical scholars, who have been trained at Dallas Theological Seminary. Hundreds of thousands of footnotes explain translation decisions. Thousands of other Bible translations are not so transparent or accountable. NET Bible includes sixty-three thousand translation notes, which provide extra context and interpretation.

One of the primary goals of the NET Bible is to keep up with the latest research. Footnotes often refer to recent articles, books, and dissertations. These are the result of ongoing research and can change translations and scholarly understanding of the Bible. The NET Bible’s notes are particularly useful in that they provide context for difficult passages. It’s also easy to find information that’s hard to find elsewhere, thanks to its search-friendly interface.

NET Bible also offers a variety of additional resources. Users can toggle between the Parallel and Resource Guide tabs, and Strong’s numbers and dictionary definitions throughout the Bible. Strong’s numbers and articles are also available. These can help you interpret the meaning of a passage or a particular verse. The NET Bible also allows you to look up Greek and Hebrew words in dictionaries and other helpful resources.

Lumina Bible Study Tools

Lumina is an online study tool that enables you to read the Bible. It has thousands of notes and supports English, Hebrew, and Greek texts. It features Strong’s lexicon definitions, which is helpful for students. It is also free and easy to use. The Lumina Bible has been designed to make Bible study easier. The tools are available in English, Hebrew, and Greek, so you can choose whichever version you prefer.

Lumina is free Bible software that offers a few features, including the NET Bible and personal notes. It is also useful for sermon prep, research, and bibliographical data. It is a good option for church members and students who need a convenient tool for Bible study. While it’s a good free bible study tool, it is not the best option for serious Bible study. For bibliographies, a better choice is Zotero.

Another free tool is Biblehub. It allows users to search verses, words, and translations, and compare multiple versions. The tool also lets you study the Bible in Greek, Hebrew, or Latin, depending on your needs. When you click on a verse, you can click on Tools to view more information. You can also select whether to use the interlinear translation, which provides detailed morphological and lexical information. It allows you to add or remove modules, if you desire.

She Reads Truth Bible + Devotional app

The She Reads Truth Bible + devotional app has a simple, single-column layout and uses a beautiful, modern font called Bible Serif. It also includes helpful study features like timelines, maps, charts, and devotionals. If you don’t have time to sit down and read your Bible, She Reads Truth offers 77 different reading plans that are free to use. The app offers a convenient way to find the Bible and find a quiet time, even if you’re on the go.

The free app features both paid and free devotional reading plans and beautiful images. You can download lock screens to make the app look even more beautiful. The Bible portion crashes frequently. This isn’t a problem when reading devotionals, but it’s a downfall for the Bible study aspect. If you’re looking for a Bible app that’s free of advertisements, She Reads Truth is an excellent choice.

While this Bible can be used on the phone, you can still enjoy reading the book on paper. The She Reads Truth Bible app features daily reading plans that begin each Monday. You can also view previous studies on the site. Each daily reading plan features five scripture readings, one for each day of the week. Daily scripture readings contain the main Bible passage of the current study as well as one or more related verses.

Verse for the Day Online

This is one of the best websites that offers daily Bible Verse of the Day in KJV and NIV version. It has reflection of the bible verses plus a prayer. Daily devotionals are also available through outside sources.