4 formulas for playing fish shooting games

1. Focus on the selected ones. shoot until death

In playing the fish shooting game Players have to shoot dead fish to earn points from that fish to earn rewards, so you have to choose which fish you feel can kill. To score points from playing, the player must have a resolute mind, and not be distracted. When the player enters the game, the player selects the fish that the player wants to shoot.

and choose to shoot only that fish Do not turn the direction of the projectile in any other direction. until the fish dies, I repeat, do not throw a bullet around. Because it may cause players to lose free ammunition. This recipe is a simple technique, not complicated, but maybe suitable for people who are a little calmer.

Because sometimesbetflixplayers choose to shoot big fish and the fish are die-hard. may make the players hot and make it easy to stop shooting even though that fish is about to die. About to break the jackpot for us and sure enough.

2. Choose to shoot the small fish before the big fish.

As we said in the above formula If you want to play fish shooting games to be profitable. Must shoot the selected fish to die to accumulate points, so choosing to shoot the small fish before the big fish will allow you to keep the onion crumbs to go. You must be calm and conscious in choosing to shoot fish here.

Let the player choose to use the lowest rate of ammunition is 10 coins and let the player choose to shoot at the small fish to the big one. Many people may wonder why we have to shoot small fish first.

That’s because the beginning of the game wants players to see the game first. which fish should be used What kind of ammunition rate and small fish will be fish that are easy to shoot and die quickly? This formula is derived from the principal Proverbs keep small and mix.

Keep the onion Shoot the small fish first, when we have enough money, we will update the ammunition rate to shoot the bigger fish.

3. Lock the target in auto mode.

This automatic mode is suitable for players with a fairly heavy budget. We do not recommend players with limited funds to play. Which the formula to lock the target, we can shoot automatically, we can press just once and wait for the bonus This formula will help players shoot fish accurately and It’s even easier to shoot fish. Locking the target is a special function that is available on the screen.

Fish shooting game for you to choose to use easily for players to observe the types of fish that are available on the screen. and then press the lock button When the player presses the lock Then press the fish that we want to shoot once.

The gun will aim to lock the target. Fish is selected by the player and fires a projectile automatically for the player. until the fish dies or disappears from the game screen. Just press this lock button with just one button, and money goes into your pocket all the time.

4. Catching fish from other players.

Playing the fish shooting game Players can choose a game room to play alone. Or will play with other players, and if the player plays with other players, they will be able to use the last fish recipe from other players. Scramble formula sometimes We should learn to be good contenders. is a scramble to get money and not waste ammunition This formula is another formula that is fun to play. Let players

choose to shoot fish with friends in shooting games together. Let players choose to shoot fish. The one that was shot by some other players. These fish will die easily. So, we don’t waste ammunition in the shooting. If you shoot dead fish, you get money. But if you can’t shoot, you won’t lose a lot of money.

This recipe will make the fish crack easily. Dying quickly so we don’t have to waste a lot of ammunition. But the stake payout will go to the player who hits the fish with the last bullet before the fish dies.

It’s over for the Method for playing the fish shooting game that we have to leave each other today the fish shooting game is the game that has been the most popular right now. And if any player wants to make a profit from playing it Do not forget to apply the formula that we have recommended to use in playing as well.

Investing in Slot Games This is another risk. That comes in the form of an online game that many players have a lot of hesitation. Whether it’s a good investment or not, so bringing the formula to play slots Take it with you to play It will help open up more profitable opportunities.